Ruth Gates


I was so fortunate to begin my calligraphy studies when I was 19 under the direction of Denys Taiple – Knight.  She instilled a sense of discipline and passion for the lettering arts that continues to captivate my imagination and creativity.
Denys encouraged me to continue my studies through workshops. Over the years I have been fortunate to work with some of the nation’s foremost calligraphers, such as:  Peter Thorton, Dick Beasley, Martin Jackson (BC), Lisa Engelbrecht and Sheila  Waters to name only a few. 
With the exposure to so many varieties of styles, techniques and materials I enjoy not only lettering but designing and making hand made journals, cards, paper and more. I often use of 24kt gold on much of my original works of art as I think it adds an elegant touch and takes the piece to another level.

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